High compactness, perfect polishability and an intense grey background with brown inclusions woven by white and golden veins: these are the distinctive characteristics of Grigio Collemandina, a limestone from Central Italy with a past… redhead.     From red to grey: the evolution of Collemandina Initially, the material obtained from the quarries was of an intense ruby […]

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Elegant Italian marble from the characteristic dark green color enhanced by veins tending to white, Verde Alpi (also called Verde Saint Denis) can be counted among the best sellers of Alberti & Alberti. Verde Alpi marble is a sedimentary rock with a compact structure, resistant and made particularly versatile by its color and its malleability, […]

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A stone that resist time Travertine is a limestone sedimentary stone that forms in a sub aircraft continental environment, where the limestone solution has had time to stagnate and sediment. The proximity to the surface and, on the contrary, the remoteness from spring water or currents, promote the formation of Travertine. The word “travertine” comes […]

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THE BLACK MARBLE PAR EXCELLENCE Origin uses and characteristics of Nero Marquina, the most appreciated among the black marbles Nero Marquina marble is a valuable natural stone, widely appreciated in architecture. Its timeless beauty and technical characteristics identify it as “the black marble par excellence”. The origin of Nero Marquinia Nero Marquina is a compact […]

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Origin of the Italian Black Slate a stone of ancient origins The Italian Black Slate is a metamorphic stone of sedimentary origin, part of the clayey shale family, which represents a variety of easily workable limestone-clay shale, waterproof and weather resistant and is classified as soft or semi-hard. The Italian Black Slate probably has its origins […]

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Origin of the lava stone the marble that comes from Etna The Pietra Lavica marble is an effusive rock of volcanic origin originated from Etna, the largest active volcano in Italy and the entire Eurasian plate. The slabs of lava stone, proposed in our warehouse, are the result of the lava flows of Etna volcano, […]

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