Elegant Italian marble from the characteristic dark green color enhanced by veins tending to white, Verde Alpi (also called Verde Saint Denis) can be counted among the best sellers of Alberti & Alberti.

Verde Alpi marble is a sedimentary rock with a compact structure, resistant and made particularly versatile by its color and its malleability, therefore suitable for all indoor environments.


Verde Alpi, the elegance carved in stone: geological and geographical origin

The origin’s area of this elegant natural stone is Valle D’Aosta: from the Italian Western Alps Verde Alpi takes both the characteristic the color and the name.

Verde Alpi marble is part of the wide range of rocks classified as “green stones“, fragments of oceanic crust raised due to the collision between the tectonic plates of Africa and Europe, and the green stones presents this typical shine and elegance.

Green marbles are serpentine magmatic rocks with a brecciate structure, which have undergone metamorphic processes that have lasted thousands of years such as the cooling of magmas and the rearrangement of serpentine fragments.

In addition, they have a chemical deposition of calcite resulting from the waters rich in calcium bicarbonate present during their formation process, to which they owe the white component.

These stones are divided into basic (when the content of silica is between 45% and 52%) and ultrabasic (when it is less than 45%). 

Technical and aesthetic characteristics of Verde Alpi marble

The texture of Verde Alpi marble is characterized by a dark green background, with shades of lighter and darker shades, interwoven with white veins.

The veined structure with irregular distribution is the main feature of this marble and gives the material an elegant and distinctive appearance.

marble slab of verde alpi

It is a compact stone with good technical characteristics that make it workable both manually and mechanically, with good resistance to mechanical stress and impact.

Here are the main technical characteristics of Verde Alpi marble:

type of testReference standardUnitMediumdev.
Flexural strenghtUNI EN 12372MPa19,05,8
Flexural strenght after frost-thaw (48 c.)UNI EN 12371MPa23,75,1
Wear resistance due to abrasionAppendix C UNI EN 1341mm20,4
Water absorption at atmosphericUNI EN 13755% mass0,6
Apparent densityUNI EN 1936Kg/mc.2639
Termal shock – mass change (20 cycles)UNI EN 14066%-0,02

Main processes and finishes

The most used finish to enhance the chromatic beauty and the intense green hue of the material is undoubtedly the polishing.

However, depending on the needs of the project, Verde Alpi marble lends itself well to other processes such as:

  • The brushed finish, which ensures homogeneity and silky appearance of the stone surface.
  • The smooth finish, which ensures a smooth and matte appearance.

Using areas: it is a valuable material for interiors, since ancient times

The Verde Alpi has been appreciated and used as a valuable material since Roman times: this is witnessed by the many examples of churches, historic villas, buildings and noble palaces in which it was used for ornaments and decorations. Since ancient times it has been a point of reference in all cases where a green material was required.

Even today it is among the most sought-after green marbles and used for multiple types of application in interior environments, also thanks to the shades and the chromatic variety that recall the tones of nature. We find it mainly used in interior flooring, stairs and coverings, in both ancient and modern buildings.

fireplace marble verde alpi

This material, thanks to its intense and decisive shade, together with its technical qualities, is also used in the creation of furnishing elements such as fireplaces, columns and capitals.

Alberti & Alberti has in stock a wide selection of slabs of Verde Alpi: check the availability of Verdi Alpi slabs in real time.

In addition, thanks to our own dedicated machines, we can create surfaces on request according to customer requirements.



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