Origin uses and characteristics of Nero Marquina, the most appreciated among the black marbles

Nero Marquina marble is a valuable natural stone, widely appreciated in architecture. Its timeless beauty and technical characteristics identify it as “the black marble par excellence”.

The origin of Nero Marquinia

Nero Marquina is a compact fossiliferous sedimentary rock with heterogeneous structure whose geological formation dates back to the Jurassic period.

Its name derives from Spain where it is extracted: the quarries are, in fact, located in the region of Markina, in the Basque area, which is renowned for its rich resources of high quality marble.

The Nero Marquina is one of the most known and appreciated Spanish natural stones, for this reason it is used in worldwide projetcs.

materiale nero marquina

Technical characteristics of Nero Marquina:

The main color of Nero Marquina is a deep and intense black with a very fine grain, enriched by small white fossil residues and crossed by white, grey or beige veins more evident, which sometimes tend to pale green. The veined structure with irregular distribution is the main feature of this marble and gives the material an elegant and distinctive appearance.

From a technical point of view, Nero Marquina slabs are quite delicate; for this reason they are generally reinforced in the underlying part by netting and resining. Apart from this aspect, it is a compact rock with good technical characteristics that make it workable both manually and mechanically, with good resistance to mechanical stress and impact.

Hereinafter there are the main characteristics of Nero Marquinia:

type of testreference normunitmediumdev.
Flexural strengthUNI EN 12372MPa12,03,0
Flexural strength after frost and thaw (48 c.)UNI EN 12371MPa9,82,3
Wear resistance due to abrasionAppendice C UNI EN 1341mm20,5 
Water absorption at atmospheric pressureUNI EN 13755% massa 
Apparent densityUNI EN 1936Kg/mc. 
Thermal shock – mass change (20 cycles)UNI EN 14066% 

Nero Marquina finishing

The most used finish to accentuate the natural brilliance of the material is undoubtedly the polishing. However, depending on the needs of the project, Nero Marquina marble lends itself well to other processes such as:

  • The brushed finish, which ensures the homogeneity and silky appearance of the stone surface.
  • The polished finish, which gives it a smooth, matte appearance.
lastra marmo nero marquina

Areas of use of Nero Marquina:

Nero Marquina is used for many types of application, we can find it mainly in interior flooring, stairs and wall tiles, but also in fireplaces, washbasins and shower trays, kitchen countertops and design elements.

Thanks to the strong color it is also suitable to be used in combination with colored marble or white ones to create original graphic effects.

cucina marmo nero marquina

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